Medical Transcription Specialist Company

Accurate medical transcription is very important for the quality and expediency of healthcare industry as well as reimbursement. If recruiting, training and retaining qualified medical transcriptionists ranks among your company’s top challenges, we have a solution.

“Accelerate the adoption of EHR and leverage the completeness and contextual understanding that lies within the physician’s spoken word”

CrystalVoxx is a trusted name in medical transcription services in the Georgia, U.S. it takes to produce timely and correct clinical documentation. We are medical transcription company that provides medical specialist with fast and truthful medical transcriptions. The insights we have gained and technology we have developed authorize doctors to capture the complete patient story, while also improving EHR adoption, patient care and your revenue stream.

Why we are leader?

Crystalvoxx is a committed to supply outstanding Medical Transcription services to clinics and hospitals across the United States. What’s to more make us leader?

• Industry experience and knowledge in Medical Transcription Service.
• Professional EHR and clinical documentation systems.
Medical transcription specialist staff
• Project management expertise
• Always-on support services
• Get Transcription with Meaningful Use

Being a largest medical transcription services providers, Crystalvoxx offers experienced professionals for medical transcription that can scale and adapt to the growing requirement of any company. We address the requirement of clients ranging from community hospitals to large, multi-facility healthcare enterprises. Our “Quality is Above Everything Else” philosophy represents our commitment to precision without compromising speed. Integrated quality guarantee tools ensures transcribed documents are returned quickly while maintaining high quality document and performance monitoring as a built-in, value-added service.

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