AR Follow Up Services

  • We all must accept and be ready to face that the healthcare reimbursement system is appalling. Everyone from patients to insurance companies hold their money tightly because of rough economy. Now days we see more denials, underpayments, and lost or ignored claims because of an increasingly complex and often confusing set of rules and process.

  • It’s becoming more challenging for physicians to get paid for the services they perform. Medical practices face increased pressure to collect more money and cut their operating expenses.

  • Unfortunately, most medical practices are not collecting everything they have billed. Only 70% of claims are paid the first time they are submitted, other 30% of claims are denied, lost or ignored. And of those claims, 60% of them are never resubmitted to payers. Also, when services are paid, they aren’t necessarily being paid in full according to their payer contracts.

  • Usually, receivables are tracked based on 30-day increments – different actions are scheduled depending on whether a receivable is 30 days old, 60 days old, 90 days old, etc. But each payer a billing office deals with operates on its own schedule, so two receivables that are 30 days old could require completely different actions if they’re from different payers. Therefore, the 30/60/90 model is no longer applicable.

  • Our A/R Follow Up service is designed to collect more money for Your Practice. We start AR follow up process after claims are created and sent to the insurance company. Our aggressive follow on claims ensures that no lost or ignored claims slip through the cracks and that the appropriate action is taken for all of them.

  • Advantages

    Let us help you convert your Old AR into Cash Opportunity
    • 1. Experienced AR calling team

      2. Will save you time to focus on revenue cycle management

      3. We track metrics and work analytically towards reducing denied claims

      4. Higher AR collection rate at incredibly low costs

      5. Monthly reporting with Statistics

    Our AR team is proficient with AR follow up and work aggressively to know the status of claim and use professional tactics to increase AR collection

    Few Frequent Reasons for Claim Rejection
    • Authorization issues
    • Referral issues
    • Medical necessity and medical records requests
    • Non-participation with insurance network
    • Terminated insurance
    • Coordination of benefits
    • Wrong diagnosis
    • Inclusive procedures
    • Partial payments
    • Out-of-network claim status and deductibles
    • EDI rejections
    • Letter of protection from attorney cases
    • No status and no claim on file
    • Workers' compensation
    • PIP cases
    We understand major reason of claim rejection so we do aggressive AR follow up and try our best to resolve issue so your practice gets paid what you deserve.

    Pricing: We work on fixed pricing as well as hourly pricing

    Fixed Pricing: We charge percentage of collection based on total amount collected

    Hourly Pricing: We only charge $8 per hour to perform AR follow up service

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