At CrystalVoxx the first step in this process is to determine the most widely used insurance/HMOs/PPOs companies in your area. The next step is to work with you to apply for in-network status. CrystalVoxx can perform the entire credentialing processes or share the responsibilities with you.

The credentialing tasks we fulfill include the following:

a. Determine if you are eligible to apply for in-network status with various insurance/HMOs/PPOs

b. Obtain the necessary paperwork to complete the request

c. Apply to get an NPI

d. Complete online applications, plus CAQH and other credentialing administrations


f. Follow up to track the status of applications and supply missing information as needed

G. Complete re-credentialing paperwork as requested by insurances/HMOs/PPOs

Things we keep in mind when doing credentialing service:

a. We will ask you to provide several pieces of information required to apply for your credentialing and CAQH application

b. Many forms will require your signature. We will send you these forms to be signed

c. We will let you know what is needed and the successful completion of this process relies on you supplying the needed documents and information to us in a timely fashion

d. The credentialing process can take a long time. Please expect that for many insurances, the time from when we first inquire to when you are actually accepted into a panel and can begin seeing patients can be as long as 6 months

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