How We Do It.

Customized Solutions

Throughout the years, we’ve worked closely with our clients to acquire an in-depth understanding of their workflow requirements. We tailor software solutions and services to suit your individual requirements, whether you are a solo practice, group, nursing home, hospital, medical billing or medical transcription company seeking help to reduce their operational cost. We have experience working with several software suites including: Transcription Platforms, Practice Management Systems, & EMRs like eCW, Kareo, Allscripts, Amazingcharts, AthenaHealth, MDofficeManager, Medisoft, Meditab, OfficeAlly etc.

Improvement in collections

We, as a MEDICAL CLAIMS AND BILLING SPECIALIST focus on reviewing and analyzing your accounts receivables and guiding your practice to help prevent aging of claims. We have a proven track record of increasing collections by 10% to 20%.

Reduction of billing expenses

As leading MEDICAL BILLING AND CODING SERVICE PROVIDER, we provide effective and fast billing services, which will dramatically increase your collection rates. Processing costs are reduced by as much as 60%. We bill accurately, dropping the rejected claims rate to 2% – 3%.

Continuous support

We are proud to have committed team of IT professionals, medical billers, transcriptionists and management executives at our disposal, who work steadily and diligently to provide quality services to our clients and continuous follow up.We believe that having several layers of support is key to managing the day-to-day operations. All of our processes are mapped out in detail, and our SOPs are constantly reviewed to ensure everyone has access to the most accurate processes. In addition to maintaining extensive support manuals, we also offer your office full online support at no additional cost.


While we can offer your office a full line of practice management solutions. We also have the flexibility to work with your current software system. We believe that we can offer the best option, however we also understand the needs of our clients, and because of this philosophy we will adapt to meet your needs


We strive to make sure all billing is processed correctly the first come, however  we also have several Checkpoints in place to catch any issues as they arise; be it eligibility issues, coding compliance, procedures that are consistently not paid, payer-specific reimbursement challenges, meaningful use requirements, PQRS requirements, ICD-10 requirements, Credentialing status, etc. Moreover, in the event of an issue we will notify you immediately to map out corrective actions to remedy the issue.


We understand the importance of managing the transition and because of our extensive experience we have several protocols in place to ensure that your cash flow will not be affected. We will work with you in order to create an SOP that will ensure a smooth transition.