Speech Recognition

At present, there are two major approaches, Front-end Speech Recognition Dictation and Back-end Speech Recognition Dictation, into provider workflow. Below is an Analytical proof that Back-end Speech Recognition Dictation is a far better option for (any) medical practitioners compare to Front-end Speech Recognition Dictation

CrystalVoxx uses Back-End Speech Recognition. The physicians just have to be in their comfort zones and dictate via Dictaphone, toll-free number or iPhone and Back-End Speech Recognition will do the rest.

Speech recognition promises a better accuracy, better data, and improved clinical documentation. Researchers have suggested that there are a lot of errors reported due to fatigue and boredom as a result of monotonous work. Speech Recognition is a program that has turned typists into editors doing investigative work compared to monotonous labor work, translating into better overall accuracy and meaningful use.

Due to the advent of speech recognition, the turnaround times have shrunk dramatically.

CrystalVoxx uses a speech recognition technology that is deeply integrated into their transcription workflow platform. We at CrystalVoxx, work on back-end speech recognition technology which translates physician dictations real-time into a searchable, structured document. The result is a meaningful clinical document that can be used by both people and systems in the CARE process.

Front-End Speech Recognition Dictation

This is a bit distracting as words keep blinking on screen as & when recognized by the computer, simultaneously it is time-consuming too because if computer fails to dictate a word or phrase correctly, the dictator required correcting the misrecognitions.

As most of the data transcribed by a well-trained professional transcriptionist and edited by another professional editor, this empowers chances of records to be more precise & accurate

It leads to poor documentation due to errors left through over-sight. Poor documentation results into poor patient care, poor coding and poor reimbursement.

Back-End Speech Recognition Dictation

It facilitates the dictator to dictate & record multiple patient data in one go without any eye-contact to the computer and without wasting time correcting them at the same time.

Dictator needs special editing eye, knowledge & skills to keep their records more accurate otherwise documents are not accurate or up to the required standard.

As the documentation is far better & accurate compared to Front-End system, proper patient care, proper coding and good reimbursement is possible.