Improve EHR Usability, Simply Dictate!

EMR Medical Transcription Service of CrystalVoxx provides an interface with any Electronic Medical Records or Electronic Health Records (EHR) system that helps achieve meaningful use and strengthen physician satisfaction by allowing clinicians to easily complete their documentation while leaving the auto-population of data to the EHR to CrystalVoxx. Clinicians can easily create encounter documentation by using their voice, which is proven to be the fastest, most complete form of documentation. This blended approach drives high productivity and increased revenue in a quick, efficient workflow familiar to clinicians, and ensures patient encounters are documented comprehensively.

“More patients. More Money”

It provides no-cost custom interface services on a quick turn-around for both standards-based (HL7) and proprietary systems. There are many types of electronic interfaces. Some of the major ones are as follows:

Document Interface

Document interface transfers transcribed documents to the EMR System in a structured data format building it ready to be import by that system. This mechanization saves significant time and generally makes transcribed reports immediately available for review.

ADT Interface

Admission, Discharge, Transfer (ADT) interfaces transfer non-clinical demographic information from a third-party EMR Medical system to our Transcription system. It is a dual system where we receive ADT messages and match these messages with the transcribed document in our system to give our clients this document in real time. The need for physicians to spell-out patient names and comprehensive.