Clinical and Medical Practice Management

Practice analytics with clear recommendations

CrystalVoxx Clinical Practice Management provides you with all of the practice analytic reports that helps you reduce operational cost, increase collection and streamline operation.

Know how we do that

Benchmark is necessary to compare performance metrics to industry standards. It is difficult to understand your accounting numbers without setting benchmarks.

Physicians keep juggling with the numbers and keep wondering why the collection figures aren’t high enough, up to expectation because they find it difficult to organize and manage many numbers. So the best way is to make them analyze their needs and then get a desired output via the reporting structure.

We at CrystalVoxx, make the phenomenon of “EXCELLENCE” more precise & practical. We use external and internal information for benchmarking and monitor every loop hole. We always cope up  with defined standards of MGMA, keep the track of variance & bring it down to minimal accepted metrics.

Key drivers to control & measure best practices:

  • Days in AR: We compute the charges based on past months charges posted & work on understanding the percentage deviation.
  • Aging buckets: Measuring percentage of AR in each instance of 0-30 days;31-60 days & 61-90 days

Our analytic department reviews your account in depth on a regular basis and provides you with the targeted data and clear recommendations that can help you improve your medical practice performance and be aware of potential compliance issues you may have.

Examples of the type of analytics and recommendations include:

a. Point out an employee that is a continuing source of poor information gathering at the front desk;

b. Suggest modifications to your coding profile if you appear to be either under or over coding on a consistent basis;

c. Make sure you are aware of the referral sources that are your most profitable (not just your largest);

d. Recommend fee schedule changes if you appear to be leaving money uncollected because of low fees;

e. Point our services that you are not providing that could significantly enhance the profitability of your clinical practice;

f. Inform you when you have payers that are consistently out of compliance with their contractual obligations and give you the data required to renegotiate payer contracts.

With CrystalVoxx healthcare billing services you have the best analytics department working to improve your medical practice’s performance.

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