We at CrystalVoxx can work on any Platform!

We have worked extensively with the Kareo Billing Software and have produced results that have made our clients happy. Kareo has some of the most intuitive and comprehensive features around, and a software that according to our senior biller, Haze, “feels like home”

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What our New Physician had to say:

When the Billing Team of CrystalVoxx told us that his team was well equipped to work on Kareo Platform, we were thrilled to bits. CrystalVoxx and Kareo’s Billing Software have helped over 100 Medical Practices run smoothly without any flaws. Practices feel relieved when we managed to work on the Kareo Billing Software without any loss of data and revenue.

Not just that, when CrystalVoxx guided us with all the features of the software, we were amazed. It took us a week to touch base with all the features, but very soon we saw the results in the services and the revenue.

Eligibility Check – Faster!

Most of the practices are understaffed and cannot perform prompt eligibility checks. This leads to patients with ineligible insurance coverage to avail of treatment. We use the Kareo insurance eligibility feature to send eligibility enquiry requests to insurers prior to the doctor meeting patients. It helps curb the unhealthy trend of insufficient eligibility verification.

Clean claims that get paid the first time, every time!

The medical coding and charge entry feature offered by the Kareo billing software helps streamline our billing process further.

We perform real time code checks against insurer specifics and coding guidelines before submitting claims, which leads to creaky clean claims. The practices see a rapid reduction in rejected claims. And from a rejection rate of an alarming 40% physician’s experience, it was now down to almost nil.

Patient’s Feedback

Unfriendly or complicated patient statements are the bane of all practices. We at CrystalVoxx generate patient friendly, no frills attached patient statements. We prioritize and customize patient statement batches based on balance to be paid and the frequency of sending patient statements.


As Kareo facilitates patients to pay online, we sent a mail explaining the details of making payments online and the security options offered. It has resulted into an increase in patient collections after just a month of working with the clinic.