We at CrystalVoxx have helped above 500 physicians revise profit benchmarks and create better tomorrow for their practices. We recently received a mail from the office of Veronica Hill, the practice manager of a family practice and an eCW user. She wanted to know the specifics of our eCW billing services.

She said she was referred our services via a friend and it would be great if we gave her insight about our support.

Veronica was very specific with her requirement of the security of patient information and her accounting numbers. As a pioneer in EMR friendly Billing Solution and with above 13 years of experience of working with the eCW EMR, we assured her the best measures for confidentiality. We receive patient information and order information from eCW in the RU HL7 format.

We also informed her about the promptness of the services. We guided her with the process. We receive provider’s information, perform Eligibility check, Verify Demographic details, Assign Accurate codes, do Charge Entry, so from Demographic Entry to Payment Posting, everything is entered into the eCW EMR by CrystalVoxx, so doctor has instant access to the information of his practice.

 She still had some concerns and queries about the services.

Do you send billing reports and perform coding and reimbursement analysis?

Veronica had come across many non-responsive billers so she was a bit skeptical of the quality of services and billing reports transparency.

We guided Veronica so that after receiving the financial report she could e-sign it. It will pave the path for better communication. And also perform regular audits on the billing and coding process. We are not just done and dusted by sending reports, we provide better and more practice specific solutions.

Do you have expertise in handling secondary claims?

Veronica wanted someone who knew the job well and could understand the whole RCM and perform work on Secondary Claims.

We guided Veronica that we enter precise information of the primary insurance, the amount paid by the payer, the claim adjudicated date, and payment adjustment made. Se we could say we were proficient in that segment.

Can you take care of my paper claims?

This is a very obvious one. They are bound to happen. Yes, some insurers only accept paper claims. Even if we are making use of the EMR, practice managers still feel comfortable with paper claims.

We at CrystalVoxx, guided her that we understand paper claims, equally well. We assured her of our expertise with the years of experience we had in creating paper claims.

 We assured her of the promptness of the service and transparency in the reports.

Can you work with my Clearinghouse?

Very common question that we come across and very common reply that we give is a positive YES.

We have worked with an extensive range of Clearinghouse and have quite a wide clearinghouse network.

Have you handled clearinghouse rejections before?

We have a dedicated DENIAL MANAGEMENT team who analyze the reasons for rejection, rechecks the bills thoroughly and rectifies or fills out missing information. We then resubmit these claims till we get the money. Moreover, handling Clearinghouse denials is quick with CrystalVoxx, coz the team has a deadline set to match.

After signing the contract, Veronica has been happy with our services and been our valued client since past 2.5 years.

All she had to say is Thank You to her friend!


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