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Physicians Billing Services

Whatever your specialty or size, we can take care of your revenue cycle management with guaranteed benefits to your revenue. You would have a dedicated account representative who is supported by a team of skilled billers, coders, and A/R callers for prompt and smooth delivery of processes, with uncompromised quality. This team would help you achieve our mutual goal of increased cash flow by

  • Training your front desk staff for better information accumulation
  • Providing feedback and training to your providers or yourself for proper coding
  • Staying on top with insurance companies making sure every single claim is paid to the maximum and on time.

And thus, we see ourselves not just as service providers but as an extension of your practice, your trusted partners.

Medical Billing Companies

Medical billing companies are currently facing tremendous cost and revenue pressures due to technology changes, coding changes, and the increasing complexity of getting claims paid on time and in full.

CrystalVoxx can help you deal with issues compromising your performance for an effective Revenue Cycle. We can be your trusted outsourcing partners. Outsource your healthcare revenue cycle processes and focus more on business development and growth. No more worries about skill shortage, lack of domain knowledge, increasing operational costs, workforce training, etc. Our partnership with you would benefit your clients in terms of better earnings, low costs, heightened levels of satisfaction and allow you to focus on client retention and increasing sales. We provide customized services to billing companies ranging from following up on certain ageing ranges to end-to-end revenue cycle management capabilities.


We are well aware that hospitals have a tough time keeping up with the challenges of a healthy revenue cycle. Gaining control over the increasing A/R is of utmost importance and equally challenging to achieve with under-skilled and nonproductive or over-worked staff. We offer solutions that would be designed to best suit your organizational needs in terms of effective processes, administrative tasks, data handling and management, etc. Our revenue cycle services would be a collaborative effort to smoothen the delivery processes and boosting up the hospital's financial performance. More so, we continually evolve our revenue cycle processes with changing times always aiming towards achieving increased revenue cost effectively and efficiently.

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