Payroll Services

Nothing is more important to your employees than getting paid accurately and on time. Yet payroll causes many headaches in many industries with higher number of employees and many part-time workers.

Payroll mistakes can be costly. Government-imposed fines and penalties have become common in most of the industry. CrystalVoxx can help you avoid them by automating your payroll process.

We offer managed payroll services that take the burden of payroll compliance off your plate, so you can focus on core competencies. We work with your payroll provider of choice and act as the centralized point of contact for all of your payroll needs.

Our Payroll Services Include

1. Payroll tax returns
2. Payroll reports
3. Check processing and delivery
4. Quarterly and annual tax reports
5. Time and attendance system
6. 940s and 941s
7. Reporting and filing W2 and W4
8. Employee insurance deductions
9. Direct deposit payments with “paperless” payroll options

Top 5 benefits of outsourcing payroll processing

a. No more IRS penalties
b. Your employees get the advantage of direct deposit
c. Get specialized service from your vendor
d. Be assured that the latest tax tables are being used
e. Avoid the hassle of handling payroll in-house and focus on your core business

Payroll Processing Software Used at CrystalVoxx

We use QuickBooks as a payroll accounting software at CrystalVoxx to ensure that we provide our payroll processing customers with fast and accurate services. We can also work on any software as per your requirements.